23 June. Welcome & Environmental Justice

Class Meeting Agenda

The Following are the topics/goals we will cover into today’s class session:
1. Overview of the course topics, calendar, assignments, readings, and events
2. Multimodal Basics
3. Introductions
4. Overview of Robert Bullard’s, “Environmentalism & Social Justice”
5. Overview of The Global Grower’s Garden Tour, Sat 26

ENGL 1102: Representing Environmental Justice

Follow along as I cover the following topics & don’t hesitate to stop me if you have any questions:
1. About
2. Readings, Policies, Student-Instructor Agreement Form
3. Calendar
4. Assignments
5. Canvas

Class Video Part 1

Class Video, Part II

Multimodal Basics


Take 10 mins and “freewrite” in response to the following prompt:
Of the modes discussed in the presentation (Written, Oral, Visual, Electronic, and Nonverbal), which do you anticipate will be most challenging for you and why? What successes or challenges have you faced with the mode you identify in your past?

Robert Bullard’s, “Environmentalism and Social Justice”

Global Growers Tour, Sat, June 26

Bus Pick-up/Drop-off Location