D5: Annotated Bibliography


For full credit complete 2 annotations of either 2 peer reviewed articles (published in academic journals) OR 1 peer reviewed article and 1 other “credible” sources by responding to the following prompt in Canvas Discussions by 12:00 PM and then comment on at least two peer Annotations in 2-3 sentences on or before the due date. All Discussion post should be in MLA when applicable.


Please respond to the following to compose your annotations:

  • Cite the peer reviewed sources in MLA format
  • In 1-2 sentences provide a general overview of the aims/scope of the article or book chapter, e.g., what are the main claims/goals OR what hypothesis does the article test?
  • In 1-2 sentences describe the qualifications of the author(s), e.g., what are their institutional affiliations and/or where was the article or book published?
  • In 1-2 sentences explain the author(s) methodology and briefly cite a passage that supports your annotation of the article or book chapter. (You may want to choose a citation that you can also use in your Paper)
  • In 1-2 sentences, evaluate the relative success of the article or book chapter, e.g., how well did the author(s) meet the goals they established for themselves AND/OR explain how well (or not) the article or chapter will support your research.

Sample Annotation

Research Basics