D7: Audio Story Script


For full credit upload a draft of your response to the question below & Audio Story script Canvas Discussions  by 12:00 PM and then comment on at least two peer responses in 2-3 sentences on or before the due date. All Discussion post should be in MLA when applicable.


Part One

Respond to the following in (approx. 200) words: What’s the topic of your podcast and what sort of argument do you plan to make about that topic? How do you plan to organize the podcast? What sort of response do you want the podcast to elicit from your audience?

Part Two

Draft your podcast script. Remember radio and podcasting scripts locate production notes in the left-hand column and the content or speaking parts in the right-hand column.

  • You might want for your script to me more detailed. For instance, name the sound cues; include some description/analysis of the scenes you discuss; and any other segment/analysis outline or details you’ll need when you record.
  • Include as much info. as needed to get you ready to record

Script Layout Model