20 July. Audio Features & Climate Justice


Please email with any questions about the following:
1. Paper drafts looked amazing! Any questions about the paper?
2. Please join me for a drop-in workshop on Thursday 12:30-1:30 for the Audio Story (Podcast) https://bluejeans.com/161805192/4788
3. The final draft of the Audio Story (Podcast) is due Monday at noon
4. Please join us for the IgNite Summer Showcase, 5:30-7:00PM https://gatech.campuslabs.com/engage/event/7142655
During the event you can move around in Gatherly and chat with other presenters about their work and yours. I’ll send out more specific info. tomorrow.

Class Video 1

Class Video 2

Class Video 3

Class Objectives

The Following are the topics/goals we will cover into today’s class session:
1. Paper Reflection
2. Audio Story (Podcast) Overview
3. Composing Effective Audio Stories

White Paper Reflection

Take 6-7 minutes and respond to the prompts below in a Word or Google Doc. Since you will be required to include reflections in your Final Portfolio, please file this reflection with your other process documents.
1. Describe one way the Paper met one Course Goal or Outcome
2. Describe how your claim/argument helped you analyze one or more community partners we worked with this semester.
3. Describe ways the project helped you think about your writing process–for example, did “translating” work from the Rendering to the Paper change the way you approach research?

Audio Stories (Podcast) Overview

Composing Effective (Audio) Feature Stories